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About ssg-software.com

ssg-software.com is here to provide you with a huge choice of best-tasting video games, gaming news, and reviews.

Adventures and real-life simulations, fightings and survivals, actions and strategies, racings and puzzles, sports and shooters, and all other existing genres. Are you ready to enter this world of video games, in which every single item was thoroughly selected for any of your gaming purposes?

Then you are welcome to our portal of the best video games and all information related! ssg-software.com is an inch-perfect choice for all kinds of gamers. No matter if you are a hardcore gamer or just a beginner, you will find here exclusive data assembled by our team with competence and passion.

What ssg-software.com offers you?

ssg-software.com has a strong focus on the most popular video games. Whether it’s the latest release or a classic game of past decades, we will explore it for our readers and explain at large what are the reasons to have it on your PC, console or mobile device.

At ssg-software.com at your disposal is placed a decent and complete catalog of the hit video games. It is only a question of your own lust, to play the fresh and newly released meditative runner Alto’s Odyssey or refer to classic 1980’s Donkey Kong. We picked the favorites for you among myriads of games that captivated the world and put them into the well-structured list. The only thing we can undoubtedly guarantee that you are meant to find your cherry pick in the hundreds of titles available at ssg-software.com’s catalog.

And what besides the catalog?

Don’t worry, dear readers. ssg-software.com has taken care of all of your gaming concerns. We will share with you the complete reviews on catalog games. Being devoted gamers, we test all of the titles ourselves and thereafter write veracious reviews. They include our expert tips and user guides which are going to boost your mastery in the game to a sky-high level.

Still hesitating? Just read some reviews and try to play already with the knowledge of hidden game tricks. The process would become smoother anyway.

And that is not all! ssg-software.com offers you a bunch of additional information about the video games. We will provide you with materials on games features, system requirements, screenshots, videos, sales data around the world. All for improving your gaming experience!

Constant development

We are not going to stop on the achieved. Constant development of ssg-software.com is our primary goal. So we promise in the following ten months to fulfill our site with the bunch of improvements and the new features. In the nearest future we are going to add:


  • games lists from our users,
  • data on the regions with the best price of the game in the Xbox Store and Origin,
  • video games speedruns,
  • and much more.


So please stay tuned! We want you to get your daily fix of video games news right here on ssg-software.com.

ssg-software.com Team

Our team is a gang of video games nerds. We are all very different, work on various jobs and study distinct subjects. Some of us listen to alternative rock and come in ssg-software.com office in Motorhead merch T-Shirt, the others are Beyonce and Rihanna fans (sometimes we doubt, are they really ssg-software.comers, joke!)

A few prefer fast-food, and one of us is a French cuisine expert. Whatever we do and whoever we are, we are all connected with one big true passion - video games. And you can’t even imagine, how glad we are to create content for ssg-software.com and share it here with you.

Andy Wilder, ssg-software.com Chief Editor

Andy was born with a controller in his hand. At least, he thinks he did. Otherwise how to explain that he has more than 500 hundred items in his console games collection? Of course, he is far enough from Jason Dvorak who owns a 1,500-piece collection consisting of hardware, games, and guides for PlayStation and featured in the Guinness World Records Gamers' Edition 2009. But anyway Andy moves in the footsteps of the Guinness champion. Besides of never-ending playing, replenishing his collection and reading gaming blogs, Andy takes care of keeping you up to date on all the happenings of the gaming world.

And yeah, Andy prefers fast-food. Pizza with seafood, especially.

Noah Sullivan, Senior Copywriter

Noah fell in love with gaming at the age of five from the moment he first tried Mario on his elder brother console. On the following day, Noah’s parents took him to the tech-shop, where he chose the latest PlayStation. And that is how the story began.

Actually, Noah is a journalist. After graduating the college, he worked at some national newspapers and broadcasted on the radio. Social life and culture are the main topics, which are in the field of his interest. And what are the video games if not a cultural phenomenon, thought Noah and started to write about video games. He publishes in some significant media. And here on the ssg-software.com, he has full freedom of writing. Read his reviews to convince, Noah has a real passion for the written word.

Richard Johns, Senior Content Marketer

Richard is the guy who comes in Motorhead T-Shirt in ssg-software.com office. And he is a French cuisine expert. Sometimes he brings ratatouille or gâteau de ménage with him. And these are the happiest days in the history of ssg-software.com team! Richard literally plays video games in between cooking. His favorites are brutal shooters. Only them can take his mind far away from cooking concerns. We must say, Richard’s texts are as tasty as his concoction. So prepare to feel an appetite for gaming after reading!

Lisa-Michelle Brown, Author, and Web-designer

Lisa is an avid reader of gaming blogs. The strange thing about her that she started playing right after reading reviews from specialized sites. Now she is entirely into gaming. Role-playing games with breathtaking storylines are Lisa’s undisputed favorites. So Lisa writes her girly reviews and helps us with visual and tech site support. She listens to Beyonce and Rihanna, and thanks goodness, she has good vacuum headphones. As the only representative of feminine audience, she always gives us worthwhile advices and help in baffling situations like cutting gâteau de ménage on equal parts for everyone.

Were you growing up with a controller in hand like Andy or played your first game only a few years ago as Lisa did? No matter, what the answer is, you will find all the needed to vary your gaming experience here on ssg-software.com.


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