Ali Jabs

Ali Jabs by MGX Lab, LLC is a blast from the past sports app that takes famous quotes straight from the mouth of the “Greatest of All Time” (G.O.A.T.), the one and only Muhammad Ali, and injects them directly into your iPhone. Ali Jabs combines famous images of Muhammad Ali with 3D visual effects, unforgettable quotes, and a little bit of history behind each of the Ali Jabs iPhone App Review quotes. There are 10 quotes to choose from. Each paired with a matching image that appears 3D if you turn and twist your iPhone while viewing. Additional features include the ability to “jab your friends” by sending a text email that contains a quote and the ability to learn more about official Mohammad Ali.

Ali Jabs does a good job of presenting Muhammad Ali’s famous quotes. The images are clean and crisp and the 3D like background gives it a nice touch. We also like that it includes a back-story for each quote and image so all users can understand the situation in which each statement was made by the G.O.A.T.

One thing that’s important to point out is that Ali Jabs is not in any way a game app. This a marketing app that’s primary objective is to promote Muhammad Ali’s unprecedented career, unmistakable charismatic quotes, and his legendary brand. From a marketing perspective Ali Jabs does a decent job of that, which is why it garnered a decent rating. Some additional things we’d like to see added to this app would be more quotes to choose from and possibly some video clips. We also think it might be most effective positioned as a free app as opposed to paid.

If you’re a die hard Muhammad Ali fan, and would like to have the ability to play some of his famous quotes over and over again, you should check out Ali Jabs in the iTunes App Store today.

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