Buzzword Frenzy

If you like board games and party games then you might just like Buzzword Frenzy by Adamant Ventures, LLC. This handy little iPhone game is much like Catch-Phrase where you split into teams and each team competes to see who can guess the most words or catch phrases. There are three game modes from which you can choose: Hot Potato, Sprint, and Time Trials. In Hot Potato mode you race against the other team to guess right word or catch phrase. When you guess the correct word or phrase you quickly mark it as correct and pass it to the next team. The team stuck holding the iPhone at the end loses. In Sprint mode you simply try to guess as many words or phrases you can in a given amount of time. In Time Trials you see how fast your team can clear a set amount of words. The team that finishes in the shortest period of time wins. You’ll need at least four people to play, but 8 or more people is optimal.

So, what’d we think about Buzzword Frenzy? Well, overall it’s a decent app. It’s definitely more practical to carry an iPhone into a party than an arm full of board games. Just like any game it’ll take a few minutes of explanation and a few games before the entire group grasps how to play the game and what buttons to press. Because it’s a little more involved to press buttons on an iPhone interface than it is to pass around a static prop for a board game, don’t be surprised if people accidentally stop or end the game while you’re playing. All in all we found it to be a decent game app. We’d definitely like to see some interface modifications for the app. We found in its current state it proves difficult and at times confusing to a non-experienced iPhone user.

The main issue we found with this app was that we experienced quite a few application crashes. Consistently, after playing a full game we exited the app as anyone would. Then when we attempted to play another game the app would crash and close. We deleted the app and reinstalled it to no avail. We delayed finalizing our review in hopes that a new update would resolve the issue, but after installing a new update we tried again and experienced the same error. Without the crashing issue we’d give this app a higher rating, but unfortunately until it’s fixed we have to give it the rating we feel best represents the app at the time we reviewed it.

If you’re a fan of board games and have been looking for a catch-phrase like game that you can tote around with you on your iPhone, don’t hesitate to checkout Buzzword Frenzy! Although we experienced issues with the stability of the app it doesn’t mean that you will too. Take the time to check out the video tutorial below. If you like what you see then download Buzzword Frenzy today!

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