Classics2Go Collection

Classics2Go Collection by KiwiTech is a well put together reader app that allows you to take your favorite classics with you wherever you go. It doesn’t take long to realize that a lot of time and attention to detail has been put into this app. Immediately after the app opens you are met with a bookshelf jam packed with timeless classics; 45 in all. Simply swipe your finger to flip through your collection. Any books you select will show at the top in the My Books section. The My Books section comes in handy because it helps you keep track of all of the books that you’re currently reading. When finished reading a book, simply double tap it to return it back to the shelf.

The Classsics2Go Collection interface is easy to use. It has some built in features that make reading on your iPhone and iPod Touch a cinch. Flipping through pages is easy. Just swipe your finger back and forth as if you’re flipping through pages in a real book. You never have to worry about bookmarking a page. When you exit a book it automatically marks the page for you so you’re guaranteed to never lose your place. Classics2Go Collection also has done a good job making sure all of the font is large enough for most people to read with ease.

If there were any suggestions we had for improving this app it’d be to allow for folks to zoom in and out as well as to turn their iPhone in a landscape position to increase the font size. With those minor tweaks we’re confident that everyone will be able to read their favorite classics with ease.

If you’re an avid reader and appreciate timeless classics it’s time for you to check out Classics2Go Collection. With 45 classics and growing, and only a $0.99 price point, it’s hard to beat. Download Classics2Go Collection from the App Store today!

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