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Pocket Paradise takes a tranquil soundscape experience and ties in visual elements to emulate a beachside retreat. Emerge yourself in a tropical paradise and control the environment around you. In Pocket Paradise, you can set the rate for the passage of time, so you can sit back and enjoy a sunny day or fast-forward to find yourself chillin by a campfire in the moonlight. It’s all up to you. Control every feature of your setting by adding elements like lapping water, gentle waves, heavy surf, wind, rain, thunder, lightning, sea birds, whales, crickets, burning campfire, rainbow, and sailboats. Once you come up with the perfect utopia you can save the scene for future relaxation sessions or pick from a list of preset worlds at your own leisure. Additional features include a built-in timer, a shuffle button to randomly switch up the experience, and music options.

Pocket Paradise is unique in a sense that it gives the user the ability to not only control the soundscape but also the visual surroundings with props and time of day adjustments. We gave Pocket Paradise a three-finger review because we enjoyed the app, but also think there’s room for improvement. What could potentially bump up the rating is if the developer provided more interaction between the user and the scene. Give the user the ability to navigate around a 3D environment, or add a 3D landscape rotation feature, as well as the ability to interact with the surrounding items by touching, scanning, scaling, and rotating. That could send this app to the next level.

We did encounter two crashes during the review process, but were unable to replicate the problem so they were likely to be isolated incidents, which should not effect your decision to purchase the application. If you are looking to escape reality and just want to unwind a bit after a hard day, grab those headphones, sit back, and let Pocket Paradise relax your mind.

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