Drink Tracker Breathalyzer

Drink Tracker Breathalyzer is created by Greg Slapp of slappme.com. I found it to be a useful iPhone application if your a person, like myself who enjoys going out and having a few cocktails from time to time. Though I can’t vouch for how exactly accurate it is, since I don’t have access to a real breathalyzer machine to compare the numbers, it does seem as though it takes into account enough variables to give a user a good estimate on their current BAC (Blood Achohol Content) number. This of course is useful if you are out for the night and want to ensure you stay within legal limit of being able to drive. Given that you can’t truly account for the exact accuracy though if you are using this for that purpose I would always be cautious and assume it’s slightly over the value shown so as to be safe.

I’d say Drink Tracker Breathalyzer is definitely an app worth downloading. The user interface is very easy to setup and use. One feature I really like is that it automatically recalculates your BAC every 60 seconds to account for the time change. Also you can leave the app and then come back to it and your current session will still be active.

Here are some features of Drink Tracker Breathalyzer:

  • BAC calculated and displayed in real time, even when the app is turned off. No manual refreshing or re-inputting required.
  • Supports Imperial, US and Metric measurement systems.
  • Store and retain editable profiles (age, height, weight, gender) for multiple drinkers.
  • A target BAC can also be set for each profile, with a countdown timer showing how long before the target BAC is reached. BAC display is colour coded to show when BAC target has been reached.
  • Add your own favourite drinks to “My Drinks” for fast and easy selection later on. All drink details are fully editable at any time. Manually sort your drink list into the order you want.
  • Add drinks to the current session now or at a previous time. You can also remove drinks after they’ve been added if you make a mistake.
  • Full report on current drinking session including duration, details of drinks consumed and time left to reach target BAC

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