Looking for a unique game thats easy to grasp, challenging to play, and fun for the kids too? Then take a break from the typical puzzle, blood, guts, and gore, and memorization games and test your skills balancing eggs! EggRunner by 5th Floor Productions is a cute and innovative game app that combines hand eye coordination with creative use of the iPhone’s sensors and accelerometer. The object of the game is simple; balance raw eggs on a wobbly wooden plaform and try your best to keep them from falling. There are two main game modes, challenge and time trial. In challenge mode you’re balancing eggs against the clock. Keep the eggs from falling during the alloted amount of time and you progress to the next level. As you progress through the levels you’re faced with more challenges. The time lengths progressively increase and flies begin to buzz around your screen to distract you. In challenge mode the goal is to balance the eggs for as long as you can. If you’re looking for more of a challenge you can increase the slipperiness of the wooden platform’s surface making it harder to balance the jiggly eggs. Record your best time and challenge your friends and children to beat you.

So, what did we like best about EggRunner? Well, for one we like the fact that the game appeals to both youngsters and adults. The gameplay is sufficiently challenging, the graphics are decent, and the game doesn’t require more than a few minutes at a time to play. We especially like how 5th Floor Productions made use of the iPhone’s sensors to enhance the gameplay experience. As mentioned, flies appear during gameplay to distract you. To get rid of the flies you wave your hand over the screen as if you were shoo-ing flies away in real life. It’s not a tremendously impactful feature, but it definitely shows a level of creativity that we love to see!

To sum it up, EggRunner is a good game to pass the time with. It’s the type of game that you can play for a minute or two at a time and pick up where you last left off with ease. It’s perfect for long car rides, during commercials, in a waiting room, during lunch, that kind of thing. While playing you’re spared from having to listen to cheezy in game music. The app allows you listen to your iPod while you play; major plus!

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