Emergence – Music and Picture Generator is an entertaining app that allows you to emerge yourself into tranquil sights and sounds. Choose a mood or “theme”, then sit back and relax as you interact with the touch sensitive world. The best thing about this app is it’s very customizable. This unique app comes with 20 standard moods, 13 instruments (such as the piano or xylophone), a record feature that allows you to play back compositions, zoom and pan controls so you can navigate around the scene, a bookmark feature for sending photos of the art work you create, as well as a search, sleep and clock function. You also have a good amount of control within the settings page with ON/OFF options like generate music, toolbar fading, and screen dim, as well as an option to “play audio and iTunes” and control bar to set the mutation rate for the visual graphics you create.

When setting up a custom mood you start off by naming the composition. Select a background color, a palette, set the shadow properties (transparency, offset, blur and color), and the drawing properties (transparency, shading, borders, lines, and blend mode). Creating a custom mood gives you the ability to construct a scene just the way you like it. You get a sense of control with all the visual palettes provided.

Once a mood has been selected, then you pretty much are given 3 modes to interact with: Explore, Immerse, and Compose. These modes allow you to toggle back in forth from composing music by touching the screen, to navigating throughout the composition. In compose mode the screen is split in two sections with an instrument on each side. Every time you touch the screen the instrument is triggered, along with the graphic shape of choice.

All in all, we found the app to be a decent option if looking for a “mood and relaxation” type of application where you can spend some time creating different combinations. The current price point of $1.99 may be a little high, but if you enjoy similar apps such as Bloom, iBonsai, and Ocarina, then it might just be worth checking out.

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