Gorilla Monkey Crunch

Get ready to squash some monkeys! Gorilla Monkey Crunch brings a unique and different Donkey Kong-like experience to iPhone and iPod Touch. In this game you’ll test your coconut tossing skills as you defend your suspended bridge from being destroyed by pesky banana and coconut hurling monkeys. To succeed you’ve got to nimbly avoid life taking banana peels, keep from falling in the river by jumping over missing parts of your bridge, and accurately pick off pesky swimming monkeys with coconuts, all at the same time!

Don’t let its simplistic looking 2D game-play fool you! Gorilla Monkey Crunch, by Appnoose, Ltd., is one challenging game! It requires fast reflexes, excellent hand-eye coordination, and impeccable timing to score big. To play you simply tilt your iPhone left or right to move your gorilla. At the bottom of the screen you have a jump and a toss button. Pesky monkeys continuously swim in from left to right. It’s your job to toss coconuts and squash them. You have to watch out though, because the monkeys toss bananas onto your bridge , and if you touch them they take one of your lives. Also, if you throw a coconut that’s just a little off target, the monkeys quickly toss them back and damage your bridge. Each time a coconut hits the bridge it removes a board and makes it increasingly difficult to avoid banana peels and much easier for you to fall into the river. Hitting monkeys square on the head isn’t exactly easy because their speed varies. One moment they’re coming across slowly, the next moment they speed up. It takes real strategy and precise timing to hit them perfectly.

In Gorilla Monkey Crunch you’ve got 5 gorilla lives to play with. The better you are at avoiding trouble and crunching monkeys, the longer you’ll be able to play. Along the way there are little extras that can earn you points and can help extend your game. Occasionally little hour glasses will appear that if touched by your gorilla it adds points to your score and extends your playing time. There are also little toolkits that float by in the river and if you hit them with a coconut it counts for points and replaces a missing board on your bridge (this helps big time).

Key features of Gorilla Monkey Crunch:

  • Open ended game-play
  • Accelerometer controlled gorilla moves
  • Realistic gorilla and monkey sound effects
  • Global High Score sharing including posting results to Facebook and Twitter
  • Automatically resumes your game if you were unexpectedly interrupted

Overall we found Gorilla Monkey Crunch to be both fun and difficult. It’s the type of game app that will appeal to both youngsters, adults, and 80’s arcade style game enthusiasts. The app ran smoothly during testing. We didn’t notice any weird quirks or bugs. If there were some areas that we’d like to see beefed up it’d be to increase the font on the menus and instructions, to have the yes/no settings boxes for game music and FX to be check boxes instead of plain boxes (it’s hard to tell which one you’ve selected), and to incorporate multiple levels and/or to change the scenery and music each time someone reaches a certain level of points (ex. day to night, sunny to stormy, etc.). One thing’s for sure if you’re a fan of 2D style arcade games, you’ll likely love Gorilla Monkey Crunch! At only $0.99 it’s definitely a great bargain!

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