Are you sick of scouring the web, sifting through piles of sports betting magazines, and relying on sports radio and television broadcasts for picking pro football winners each week? Well then stop with the nonsense and cut your workload in half with the iBetFootball iPhone app! With iBetFootball you can input readily available team information and stats to generate clear recommendations on which bets to take and which ones to avoid. iBetFootball is truly ideal for any type of pro football betting including parlay and over/under betting!

iBetFootball takes the guesswork out of picking winners. The app leverages readily available team stats and proven pro football handicapping logic to predict game scores for upcoming games. To get results you simply input the games played, points scored, points allowed, yards gained, yards allowed, win streak, winning percentage, and number of turnovers for the home and away teams; the process takes just a couple minutes. From there the app provides you with clear cut recommendations on what bet has the greatest chance of paying out. It’s that simple! In addition to pro football handicapping, iBetFootball also provides you with informative articles related to betting strategies, football theary, and money management. Essentially iBetFootball is ideal for both beginner level and expert sports betters.

I don’t know about you but I’m eager to put iBetFootball to the test this coming football season. I’ve typically relied on traditional amateur methods for betting on football (AKA – religiously picking my home team and relying on my gut instinct). Unfortunately for me this method doesn’t always work out. One thing’s for certain, the logic that iBetFootball uses to pick it’s winners is a trusted method that’s been used for years to generate winners > 60% of the time. You can learn more about the handicapping logic used and its track record at www.footballbet.net.

As far as the app itself goes, I found it to function well. Overall it’s very simplistic graphically and from a user interface perspective. But honestly, how sophisticated does it need to be? I did find the data input process easy to follow. The data required is easy to find, as advertised. You certainly don’t need to be a pro football expert or sports betting expert to be able to use the app. If there were anything that would make this app the best of the best it’d be for it to automatically import the required team information so users weren’t required to input it. Additionally, if the app were to auto-import data, it’d be exceptionally useful if it imported statistically relevant historical data for each team. For example, lifetime winning percentages between two teams. Any enhancement along those lines would get iBetFootball a top rating from us.

With training camp in full swing, the preaseason just a few weeks away, and the season just around the corner, it only makes sense that you arm yourself with the best possible tools for picking winners. This year you won’t need to chain yourself to your computer to make your weekly team selections. Simply arm yourself with iBetFootball and you’ve got anytime, anywhere access to top notch sports betting recommendations. If you’re into pro football betting and are ready to up your winning percentage this year, don’t hesitate for one more minute, go download iBetFootball from the App Store today!

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