iVirus by Core Information Technology Inc. is a unique entertainment app that lets you turn an image full of icons into a virtual zero gravity chamber. Choose from eight different themes, or snap a pic of your iPhone screen to make it iViral. Once loaded, touch any icon to get it floating. From there you can tilt your iPhone from side-to-side to move your icons around the screen. You can also use your finger to flick the icons to and fro, sending them into a spin and making them collide into one another. If you decide you’ve seen enough, simply shake your iPhone to set your icons back into place. You can also easily adjust the gravity, fluidity, frequency, and sound effects of iVirus, so you can get it working just the way you like it.

Overall we found iVirus quite entertaining. It works as advertised. We played around with both the standard screens it provides as well as a few of our own custom shots. When it comes to round or square icons it does an excellent job of identifying them and allowing them to be parsed out and twirled around the screen.

We did notice however that it will not function with large and elongated icons. Part of us wishes that it would not only handle a wider variety of icons, but that it would also be able to handle standard iPhone images. The majority of the images that we captured on our iPhone where too large for iVirus to handle. We’d love to see an enhancement that allows you to manipulate larger icons and import larger images that include people and scenes that you can manipulate as if they were icons. With these additions iVirus would garner a top SlapApp rating.

That being said iVirus is a decent entertainment app. You without a doubt will be able to fool a few people into thinking you have a space age iPhone, or that they broke your iPhone. If you’re looking for a zero gravity effect for your iPhone, check out iVirus in the App Store today!

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