Pandemica gets an “A+” for originality! This brand new arcade style shooter game app is the first of its kind to leverage the iPhone 3G S’s GPS and compass technology to create a reality bending, intense, interactive, 3D gaming experience! Pandemica cleverly uses the iPhone 3G S’s camera and location based technology to transform users iPhone’s into sub-field bio-scanners that detect alien organisms invisible to the naked eye. These sub-field dwelling vermin are intelligent, crafty, and blood thirsty. They relentlessly attack you from all angles, avoid your every movement, and dodge your every shot. To destroy them you must continuously scan the entire room, 360 degrees, from floor to ceiling, quickly get them in your sites, and blast them with your weapons until there’s nothing left. It’s kill or be killed in this game…a fight to the death…you have to get them before they get you!

Pandemica, created by XMG Studio Inc., provides a truly unique and interactive, “augmented reality” gaming experience. While playing you see a clear scanner style view of the world around you. Aliens organisms fly in from all angles and viciously attack. There is a map in the lower left hand corner of your screen to help you find the aliens. To get them in your sites you must spin your body around in circles while maneuvering your iPhone at all angles. Once in your sights simply tap the screen to fire your weapons. If you take damage your iPhone vibrates and your screen turns red. Arrows appear on the screen to bring attention to the aliens that are causing the most damage. From time-to-time alien debrit splatters on your screen, obstructing your view. To clean your screen you’ve got to shake your iPhone to knock it lose. It’s complete and utter 3D virtual reality chaos the entire time your playing…do you have what it takes to win?

Pandemica has multiple game modes from which to chose from. There are 3 single player modes: Mission, Endless, and Time Attack, which provide their own unique spin and challenge to the app. There are also two multiplayer modes that allow you to either compete with one another for the highest score, or to work together as a team to dominate and destroy the aliens. Multiplayer modes can be played over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and really add a wonderful addition to the overall interactive look, feel, and experience of the game.

Key features of Pandemica:

  • Cutting-edge, 3D, virtual reality (augmented reality) style game-play
  • Rich, clean, & crisp graphics
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interactive multiplayer modes
  • Ultra-sleak user interface (UI) with beautiful lines, colors, and effects
  • A variety of alien incinerating weapons including lazers, missles, Bio-Electric Pulses (BEP), and Boson Field Bombs (BFB)
  • High score global leaderboard using OpenFeint, allowing you to easily view and share scores with friends

To sum it up, we really loved the fresh twist that Pandemica brings to iPhone arcade game apps. We had a total blast testing this app. It’s quite a unique experience to play a game that truly requires you to move up, down, and all around while playing. It constantly challenges your hand-eye coordination, sense of direction, depth perception, and reflexes. After testing both stand up and sit down game playing methods, we found the most effective and safe way to play Pandemica is in a chair that can spin 360 degrees (ex. an office chair). Standing up and playing the game could be slightly dangerous if you’re nearby anything fragile or potentially hazardous, especially in multi-player mode. The game is fairly intense, so while playing it’s likely you’ll be paying more attention to finding and destroying alien organisms than you will to your surroundings. So whatever you do, don’t invite all your friends over and start playing by the stairs or the fine china! That wouldn’t be good 🙂  That being said, this game is really fun and totally worth the download. Don’t waste any time snatching this badboy up. Pandemica is a total winner!

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