PC2ME+ Remote Desktop w/PC Audio

PC2ME Plus Audio is a nifty app created by 1stWorks Corp that enables you to control your Windows desktop applications (or a Windows partition on a Mac) directly from your iPhone. For starters, the installation process was a BREEZE. Simply download and install the remote control software on the computer. Set up a native app identity user name and password. The software also enables you to connect through a web browser so you are provided with a personal URL link.

After everything is set up on the PC side, it’s time to download the app on your iPhone. Upon launching the software, you are taken to the main menu screen which has a few options: DESK (provides access to the PC desktop), DESK+AUDIO (Provides access to the PC desktop and allows audio to be played through the iPhone), PLAY/STOP (a quick shortcut button that allows you to play and stop audio), a LOCK or EXIT button (Lock forgets the password), and a HELP page, (Help brings up the local quick help section.)

This powerful software offers a wide range of options for those that need to gain access to their personal computer while on the go. Control any windows desktop application at any screen size. Pan and zoom around the computer and explore all your files using the touch control panel. The touch control panel has plenty of tools at your fingertips (a quick tap with two fingers launches the toolbar): Cut & Paste, a full keyboard, hot keys, shortcuts to PC applications, and basic navigation control just to name a few of the tools provided. One of the great features about the app is that you can listen to full CD quality audio from your PC, directly to the iPhone using Wifi, 3G and Edge networks. The cool thing about it is you can launch iTunes, Win-amp, or any other media player to accomplish this, no matter what the file size or file type is, PC2ME Plus Audio is a great alternative source for getting additional music on the iPhone.

For the most part, PC2ME Plus Audio delivered on everything it said it would. Its ease of use, excellent sound quality, tools for desktop PC navigation and music access provide an app well worth the cost if you value remote access to your PC, or simply have to many songs on the iPod and need a second source. The graphical interface and toolbar buttons do leave some room for improvement. That coupled with some slight sluggish behavior using the remote mouse cursor, as well as trying to pan zoom around the desktop were the only real complaints we discovered with the app. Another item worth mentioning is that as of now, the application only works with a PC or a Windows partition on a Mac, but does not run on Mac OSX. Hopefully that too will be in the cards down the road. PC2ME Plus Audio ranked highly with us. We feel that anyone on the market for a remote desktop application for Windows would be very pleased with the product.

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