World Cup Table Tennis

Skyworks Interactive cranks out another hit with World Cup Table Tennis! This is a great example of a game that takes full advantage of the iPhones superb touch screen technology. You have to stay on your *fingers* for this one! World Cup Table Tennis has a multitude of action packed game modes that’ll test your ping pong skills against the words best!

You can perfect your technique in practice mode where you can compete against one of eight different opponents. The USA, Finland, Sweden, UK, Canada, China, Germany, and Russia are represented. In Tournament mode you have to paddle your way up the ranks. As you move up the ranks you’ll find the difficulty increases quite a bit. The game is challenging and definitely takes some practice to refine the power poke backhand counter attack. Arcade mode throws in a new game altogether. The object in this one is to accurately hit the ball to designated circular targets that randomly pop up on the other side of the table. Arcade mode helps you purify your accuracy and is great practice for the other modes in the game. Finally, in Head to Head mode, you can compete against another player on the same iPhone or iPod touch. This mode differs a bit to accommodate two players by providing an overhead view of the table. It’s a slick way to get two player ping pong going on one device. Though what would be awesome is if you could battle in two player mode via WiFi. This way you could keep the original view and also maintain the precious screen real-estate all to yourself. Maybe an update down the road???

Features like three different paddle choices (ranging in spin and power levels), individual sound and volume controls, local and global high score boards, and four different game modes make World Cup Ping Pong a great value for the price. It’s one app that you’ll find yourself going to often for a quickie ping-pong poke of pleasure. World Cup Table Tennis makes great use of the touch screen capabilities. Skyworks Interactive delivered a product that is rich with 3D graphics, and the game play is compelling enough to keep you going back for more.

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